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future food 01 future of food,agriculture,regenerative

The Future of Food

The future of food and regenerative agriculture are some of the core topics that we discussed at the Green Impact Week 2022.

Our focus on sustainable food and agriculture spans the whole life cycle so that we leave no aspect unturned. We believe it is important to rethink and reshape how we engage with food.
That’s why the Green Impact Week will address topics such as sustainable food production, transportation and security, traceability, equal access, shopping habits as well as circularity.

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future of food,agriculture,regenerative

We get excited about producing sustainably and demonstrate how delicious planet-friendly food can be. This is why we have featured some of the innovative and noteworthy businesses from the Copenhagen food scene that are dedicated to sustainability and regenerative farming.

In addition to the Green Marketplace designed to awaken people’s senses, attendees were able to meet food producers, chefs and food-tech companies as well as listen to speakers and join roundtable discussions which sparked curiosity and advanced the conversation around how to build a regenerative and sustainable future through food.

The event was held on the 30th & 31st of May 2022 in collaboration with EU Commission’s Green Week, Green Deal & H22.