Mathilde Jakobsen

CEO & Co-founder of Fresh.Land

Mathilde Jakobsen is CEO and Co-Founder of Fresh.Land, an award winning green tech startup with an innovative and disruptive model to the food industry. The company shortens the journey from farm to table by connecting farmers, logistic partners and consumers in one integrated digital platform. With Fresh.Land's just-in-time model, instead of months, it takes just a few days from harvest to delivery. By cutting out 3-5 middlemen, farmers secure 20-50% more value and consumers get fresher, tastier products. The model has a lower carbon footprint compared to that of the conventional chain — 88% lower, according to a study by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) — as it eliminates the need for cold-storage and ripening chambers, which are large greenhouse gas emitters. Fresh.Land has been identified by Forbes as "truly pioneering" and "one of the most promising green start-ups in the EU", and awarded the "Climate Solver Prize" by WWF.