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WEEK 2023



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A roundtable discussion is a guided conversation with a facilitator and professionals in a specific field who debate and deliberate on a defined issue to produce clear suggestions on how to move forward. We gather these suggestions in a White Paper to share with the ecosystem for implementation.

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At this year’s Green Impact Summit, we made use of the roundtable concept to discuss important topics and come up with solutions that help create a more regenerative society. Our roundtables were designed to connect thought leaders across silos; startup entrepreneurs and corporate leaders alike, to create new and profound synergies which aim to solve emerging challenges. Join our roundtables to learn about existing solutions, get an overview of sustainable alternatives and answer the big questions surrounding your field of interest.
To gain the most comprehensive and multifaceted perspectives possible, we had dedicated several roundtable topics closely linked to a regenerative society.

ROundtables topics
at the green impact week 2022

For each of the 6 defined subject areas, there was a designated table with a facilitator who pre-defined the challenge, and 10 participants from the relevant industry.
After 2 hours, each roundtable produced their suggestions for how to move forward, which will be shared with the members of the green ecosystem soon.

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Corporate Sustainability/ ESG
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Green Investment
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Green Ecosystem
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Benefits of joining a roundtable discussion

  • Meet and connect with relevant thought leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs in your area of interest to build your capacities and learn
  • Discuss and exchange ideas to reveal meaningful solutions towards a regenerative society
  • Share knowledge in your area of competence
  • Organically grow your sustainable idea
  • Be recognized as a thought leader in your sector