01 – 07 JUNE

WEEK 2023


Green Impact Week

About Green Impact Week

Thanks to global efforts, there are now countless innovations, products, and companies making the green transition. However, we need to think beyond net zero goals and strive for a regenerative society where we give more than we consume. That is why we are shifting the focus of Green Impact Week from the Green Transition, to the Regenerative Transition.

Green Impact Week 2022 was a summit of exciting activities designed to activate all your senses: expos, workshops, VC matchmaking, deep-dives, conferences, art installations, green innovation sprints and pitches, a food market, a meditation tent and more. The event fittingly took place in Copenhagen: The Capital of Sustainability to position Denmark as a hub of green technology, entrepreneurship, jobs, partnerships, innovation, research and talent.

We gathered the Green Impact Community nationally as well as internationally to exchange experiences and showcase existing and cutting edge solutions and models that are already creating an impact on how to create a Regenerative Society through holistic and structured change. Companies yearn to be regenerative but lack the knowledge, innovation, talent, partners, and investments. Green Impact Week 2022 opened the door to access these variables, helping you to achieve your Regenerative Transition goals.

Green Startups, SMEs, Talent, Investors, Institutions, Corporations, and City Officials for two days of networking, knowledge, and thought leadership all gathered at Green Impact Week 2022. The Regenerative Society had themes for every industry.

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The Green Impact Week 2022

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Green Impact Week 2022

We gathered the founders, CEOs, and sustainability managers of green corporations, SMEs, policymakers and investors, to ask a simple question: How do we go beyond net zero to become a regenerative society? Where to next? Join the conversation!

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Brand recognition

Place your brand at the forefront of green transition issues and gifted talents to show the world that your company is one step ahead when it comes to creating a regenerative society.

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Thought leadership

Stay up to date on breakthrough knowledge and innovations related to the green transition. Launch a new product or service, host a masterclass or roundtable discussion, or participate in one of our thought-provoking activities.

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With our Green Impact Week’s Regenerative Society layout, it has never been easier to find relevant partners in your industry. Discover upcoming startup stars, search for your next hire or start a conversation with a future business partner.

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Lead generation

Green Impact Week attendees are the value-driven customers you want to connect with. They are experts in their fields, and they know a true sustainable company when they see it.


Sustainary is a global non-profit platform championing sustainable change. We gather knowledge, startups, SMEs, corporations, investors, and changemakers to create communities that inspire and accelerate the change we need for a more sustainable future.
We host various programs to do so such as the SDG Tech Awards, Green Impact Assessment, and more.

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Human Shojaee

President of Sustainary

Robert Orsag

Robert Orság

Chief Operations Officer

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Janina Nickel

Project Manager

Bo Koch-Christensen

Bo Koch-Christensen

Head of Partnerships

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Sophia Christou

Project and Partnership Manager

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Aris Kampas

Digital Designer & Team Lead