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The Green Impact Week was back!

5 days of hybrid events lie behind us, all pursuing the same goal: to position Greater Copenhagen as leaders of the Green Transition.

Did you miss the event? Don’t worry, the recorded sessions will be available on our website very soon – stay tuned for updates.

The date for the Green Impact Week 2022 will be announced later this year. For updates follow us on So.Me and visit our website.

Maria Skotte

Director at CLEAN Environment

Camilla Lercke

Director, Head of Sustainability & ESG at Chr. Hansen

Tue David Bak

Managing Director at Greater Copenhagen

Nicolai Jæpelt

Crowdfunding Manager at Coop Denmark

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Our Goal

Greater Copenhagen as the Green Transition Hub

Greater Copenhagen has the ambitious vision to become carbon neutral by 2030. This cannot be done without collaboration and technology sharing at events like Green Impact Week.


As leaders of the Green Transition, we are committed to positioning Greater Copenhagen as the hub for:

– Sustainable Technologies –
– Green Investment –
– Creative Sustainable Industries –
– Impact Innovation –
– Sustainable Startups –
– Green Talents –

Green Talents

Green Investment

Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable Startup

Impact Innovation

Creative Sustainable Industries

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The capital of the green transition

Copenhagen Green Investment Summit

On the 1st & 2nd of June, pioneers of the green investment ecosystem used the opportunity to signal that the Greater Copenhagen is the leading region for investment in sustainable innovation & solutions.

Have a look at the program to see how the event looked like. Soon there will be videos from the sessions where you can watch what really went on.



Build your Network and connect with like-minded people and possible business opportunities


Panel Discussions

Get expert insights and up-to-date information on sustainability and innovation, with Greater Copenhagen at the center of discussions



Experience green solutions first hand with a showcase of our network and partners