Types of activities during GIW23

We’re excited to offer a range of activities during the upcoming event to ensure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Below, you can find information about the different activities we’re running and what you can expect from each one.​

⇢ Panel debate

A dynamic and thought-provoking discussion featuring experts from various fields. 

Topics covered may include renewable energy, eco-friendly technologies, policy frameworks, sustainable agriculture, and innovative solutions. The panelists engage in insightful exchanges of ideas, sharing their expertise and diverse perspectives to inspire and inform the audience about the importance of embracing a greener future.

⇢ Roundtables

It provides a platform for open and inclusive conversations, allowing each participant an equal opportunity to contribute and share their perspectives.

The roundtable format encourages active engagement, fosters meaningful dialogue, and promotes consensus-building among participants.

⇢ Solution Expo

An exhibition that showcases a wide range of innovative solutions, products, or services related to a specific industry, theme, or problem.

It brings together companies, organizations, and individuals who present their cutting-edge solutions to address various challenges or meet specific needs.

⇢ Keynote speech

The keynote speaker shares valuable insights, knowledge, and innovative ideas related to green practices, renewable energy, circular economy, conservation, and other aspects of environmental sustainability. The speech aims to educate, inspire, and raise awareness about the importance of transitioning towards a greener society.